What is Kitchen Ballet?

Imagine yourself getting out of bed Saturday morning having coffee and breakfast, putting your hair back and logging into a great ballet class in your own space. Kitchen Ballet class is my online Advanced Beginner classical Ballet class for adults of any age. It is offered two times a week, to be danced in your home, because it is a class designed for small spaces. This intimate class is for people with some experience with Ballet, brave souls with lots of other kinds of dance experience or for those people who have lots of ballet experience and just want a slow but challenging class. Kitchen Ballet is a technical ballet class that encourages correct placement and alignment to adult dancers as they make leaps of progress in their ability and the knowledge of ballet. Using Zoom, dancers mirror me through a lengthy, stretchy, strengthening Barre into a creative and danceable Center. Questions are asked and answered, requests for repetitions honored, technical hints and explanations offered, so that new steps and transitions become easily performed as we dance.

Who is Idy Codington?

Idy Codington, a former professional dancer with Ohio Ballet, holds an MA in American Dance Studies from FSU. Idy has shared her love of ballet with students for more than 40 years and has inspired many hundreds of dancers to enjoy the art and science of ballet. Idy has performed 19th Century dance with the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers, 20th Century dance as part of the Kamikaze Jitterbugs and reconstructed dance across five centuries and three cultures for Theater with a Mission. Idy lives in Tallahassee Florida and teaches Zoom ballet from her kitchen to adults who are interested in improving their skills and heath through the knowledge and creativity of her classes.


I love Idy’s Kitchen Ballet classes! As an adult student who stopped dancing for many years, I have learned so much from Idy’s kind, thoughtful, and smart teaching style. Her professional experience is invaluable in helping me to build my technique and to rediscover my love of dance. The class is fun and the other students are lovely.

Silvana, Current adult student

Idy Codington’s classes are always technically challenging, artistically creative, and emotionally supportive. Students develop a strong ability to dance while at the same time finding the process enjoyable. There is always a gentleness in her manner and a regard for the individual.

Margot Parsons, Artistic Director, Dance Visions Inc.; Instructor of Ballet at Boston College, Boston University and Harvard University

Idy is a gifted and joyous teacher, her gifts include a deep love of dance, a desire to keep it affordable to a large group of people and an intense regard for artistic integrity.

Pam Newton , Former adult student

On a personal note, I truly love ballet and want to share what I know and how much I love and respect this dance form. When I was in middle school and being bullied, I escaped into ballet for its ability to move me out of myself and into discipline and creativity of dance. Ballet has the ability to improve your posture, stability, flexabilty, mental accuity, and sanity. As a mainstay of my entire life, ballet has been a constant pleasure, and I am honored to share that joy with you. Lets Dance.

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  • Wednesdays at 7-8:30pm EST
  • Saturdays at 10-11:30am EST

The cost is $15 per class with 1 free trial class included.


Email Idy at idycodington@gmail.com or call 617-851-8571 for more info.